Heavy Metal Detox

naturally detox your body of all heavy metals in 90 days


The Inventor of HMD™

Dr. George John Georgiou, Inventor and
Worldwide Patent Holder of HMD™

Dr. Georgiou working on an AF Spectrometer for Hg

Dr. George John Georgiou is a Holistic Medicine Practioner. Born on December 14, 1956 he has 22 years of education and 25 years of clinical practice. He is the Director of the DaVinci Natural Health Center in Larnaca, Cyprus. A Natural Health Centre that specializes in treating heavy metal toxicity, chronic diseases, Candidiasis, and other health problems. His patients include Prime Ministers, Presidents, CEOs, Sheiks, and ordinary individuals. With each patient his goal is to optimize their health, treating all equally and with respect .

A clinician most of his life, currently Dr. Georgiou’s main research interests are focused on the study of heavy metal detoxification through the use of natural compounds. He specializes in the following areas of Holistic Medicine: Herbal medicine, Homepathy, Hyperthermia, Thermography, Iridology/sclerology, Colon hydrotherapy, Naturopathy, Naturopathic Sexology, Psychotherapy, Live Blood Analysis, Bio-resonance therapy, Biological Terrain Analysis, VEGA allergy testing, Infrared and Ozone sauna, ART, HRV, MRT, Orgone Accumulator, PAPIMI, Rife Technology.

Director and Founder of the DaVinci LifeSciences Research Centre, Dr. Georgiou has discovered and developed a natural, unique, Heavy Metal Detox™ agent. He owns the worldwide patent of his discovery called HMD™. It has been tested throughly in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of 350 people.

Dr. Georgiou holds the following degrees and/or diplomas:

Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine - British Institute of Homeopathy (Middlesex, England, UK) Licentiate Diploma in Chinese Acupuncture (L.Dip.Ac., aM.A.C.Ac.-TCMI) - College of Oriental Medicine (United Kingdom) and the Cyprus Acupuncture Institute; and is a qualified Su Jok Acupuncturist.

With regards to the research, which Dr. Georgiou loves, he has been the World Health Organization’s Principal Investigator in studies on AIDS and Drug Use, including research on alcoholism and sexual dysfunctions. He has a wealth of clinical experience and knowledge, the the author of many health articles and books, he is a worldwide lecturer, has been a consultant for many organizations, has his own radio program on human sexuality, and is a member of the following Associations/Institutes:

Dr. Georgiou working on an AF Spectrometer for Hg

Dr. Georgiou is married to Maria, a Psychotherapist/Lecturer. They have four children between the ages of 9 and 21 years. In addition to family life, his interest and hobbies include: travelling; horse back riding; water skiing; model making; web master; restoration of antique cars, motorbikes, and furniture; and piloting private planes.