Heavy Metal Detox

naturally detox your body of all heavy metals in 90 days




D.S. Spain

I have been taking HMD™ continuously for approximately two years and have noticed many improvements to my health; such improvements as enhanced mental alertness, healthier hair, and relief from hay fever and unpleasant menstrual period symptoms. I used to wake up in the mornings in a mental fog that wouldn’t dissipate for hours. I now feel more focused and alert. My hair appears more full-bodied and healthier, no longer thin and lifeless. And for the first time in 44 years last summer I experienced relief from hay fever! Summers were unbearable. I would suffer for two months the unpleasantness of a running nose, endless sneezing, and itchy, inflamed eyes. No medication, drops or pills, brought relief. I am confident that my cure is due to HMD™ removing from my system toxic metals, which were adversely reacting to the pollens and provoking these unpleasant symptoms of hay fever.

I have experienced a new lease on life! I am very grateful for my improved health and intend to continue taking HMD™, knowing that daily my body is becoming less toxic and that a healthier life is in my future. D.S. Spain



After the removal of six amalgram dental fillings I was very tired and experiencing a general apathy towards life. No detoxification programme had been provided for me and, in addition to tiredness and apathy, I had sore muscles and dry skin. It was revealed in a test that I had high levels of arsenic and mercury. For four consecutive months now I have been taking HMD™, at a daily dosage of 50 drops, three times per day. The pain in my muscles is completely gone and my energy level has improved greatly. With HMD™ I feel more alive and so much better! A.G., Borehamwood, UK


Metal allergies - USA

A week ago I gave an HMD™ sample to a gal that worked in the plumbling industry. She has a build up of metals in her system after having handled them for years in her work. Extremely toxic, she would experience a metal taste in her mouth after touching coins. The gal is taking a very low dose of HMD™, 20 drops 2 x per day due to her fear that a heavier dose could cause a dire reaction.

I just received a call from her, after two days of taking HMD™ she is more mentally alert, waking up wide awake, something that has never happened before. And after a week she is now able to pick up a metal fly swatter, at the time she still experienced a small charge in her mouth but without tasting metal in her teeth as radically as before. She is feeling much improved and encouraged.


Multiple Sclerosis - UK

As a welder I have led a toxic life, and as a part-time farmer too. The sprays used on the crops were laden with arsenic. I developed Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 45 years and some time ago was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity. For six months now I have been taking HMD™. Currently, I am still not walking but can wiggle my toes, something I previously couldn’t do. My muscle movements are much improved and my energy level is higher. My mental concentration and mind have vastly improved, my mind works much better and my concentration lasts for much greater time periods. R.R. U.K