Heavy Metal Detox

naturally detox your body of all heavy metals in 90 days



In a report last year the Environmental Working Group in the US demonstrated that samples extracted from the umbilical blood of newborns displayed 287 toxins on an average. Said toxins include: Teflon chemicals, pestides, fire retardants, and mercury.

It is no wonder, therefore, that the following disorders are on the increase

Dramatic increases in the illnesses listed below are not surprising when you consider the amount of toxins since birth that we are exposed to:

Why are we being being inflicted today with such high levels of these chronic, degenerative diseases, far above what were experienced 50 years ago?

Has the gene pool changed? Certainly not. However, since World War II the amount of toxins has dramatically increased. We are currently exposed to over 100,000 toxins. Add to that a minimal increase of 1,000 new toxins per year! Our planet produces such an inconceivable amount of toxic waste! It would be equivalent to a number with a minimum of 50 zeros behind it!

Health Effects or Body System Affected Total Number of Chemicals Found in Newborns
Cancer 180
Birth Defects / Developmental Delays 208
Vision 1
Hormone System 11
Stomach or Intestines 275
Kidney 174
Brain/Nervous System 217
Reproductive System 263
Lungs/Breathing 200
Skin 226
Liver 46
Cardiovascular or Blood 226
Hearing 187
Immune System 177
Male Reproductive System 245
Female Reproductive System 196

These toxins affect literally every body system! They are found in newborn babies just starting on life’s journey!

The most common sources of toxins are:

By ERADICATING these TOXINS from your body you will be ELIMINATING these SYMPTONS!

Many people worldwide regularly detoxify their bodies for the health benefits. Detoxification helps them to live in optimal health and by cleansing and detoxifying their bodies they live life SYMPTOM-FREE! Think about it, wouldn’t you like to have that type of life?


A new natural detox product is now available to you and your loved ones, A product that you can feel comfortable using to cleanse and rid your body of toxic metals and other poisons. HMD™ is a unique natural heavy metal detox product that has been well-researched and shown to effectively eliminate toxic metals from the body: arsenic, aluminium, lead, mercury, antimony, and uranium, to name just a few.

HMD™ was invented by Dr. George J. Georgiou of Cyprus. He is the Worldwide patent-holder that spent three years conducting double-blind, placebo controlled trials. Eventually coming up with a formula capable of eradicating many heavy metals and other chemicals from the body.

Many people are now living a QUALITY life. By taking HMDTM for 90 days or longer their health is improved and they are living a life, pain and symptom free!