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faq´s about hmd™


Do I need a Heavy Metal Detox™?

Yes, we probably all need it. Research tells us that toxins are found in just about everyone, even newborns. All life on planet earth, human beings and animals alike are daily exposed to toxins.

How are people exposed to toxic or heavy metals?

In the world in which we live exposure to toxic metals comes from many sources. Following are a few common examples:

Cleanse your body from toxic metals

How do heavy metals affect my body? What damage can they cause?

Mercury, lead, tin, and cadmium are heavy metals that have an impact on both the brain and the Central Nervous System (CNS) - affecting the chemical synaptic transmission in the brain, CNS, and the Peripherals. Heavy metals disrupt brain and cellular calcium levels, interrupt development, impair communications within the CNS, and are related to mood alterations and disease. The significant affects to many body functions include:

Heavy metal poisoning caused by factory pollution

Toxic and Heavy Metals affect cellular transfer, as well as, the levels of important minerals and nutrients. Deficiencies occurring in essential minerals and nutrients like magnesium, iron, zinc, lithium, and Vitamins B-6 & B-12 can have significant neurological and health effects, such as an increase in toxic metal neurological damage. In addition, heavy metals also deplete proteins and inhibit the production of anti-oxidants, which has been discovered to be a major factor in neurological and immune damage, damage to Mitochondria and DNA, Chronic Autoimmune Conditions, and other diseases. Heavy metals can cause Cardiovascular and Central Nervous System Disorders; can induce a wide variety of neuropathologies; as well as, disturbances of macromolecular synthesis and metabolism. More simply put, toxic and heavy metals cause disturbances in our body’s systems, affecting the integrity of our blood, and inducing degeneration in our organs and bones.

Mercury – has found to be a factor in children with neurological conditions. There has been a significant increase in children in the USA with neurological conditions, such as autism. An increase of 600% of which a 200% increase alone has occurred in the past decade. In the majority of those children tested mercury has found to be a factor.

Nickel – A significant relationship has been discovered between exposure to nickel and the mortality rates in animal studies. A correlation has also been found between large numbers of individuals with high levels of nickel in their bodies, and serious auto immune disorders and/or allergic conditions, such as: lupus, eczema, and psoriasis vulgaris.

Lead - High levels of lead will affect the blood-brain-barrier (bbb) in the Central Nervous System and has been linked to impulsivity, inability to inhibit inappropriate responding, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Aluminium – Encephalopathies and dementia are related to high aluminium levels.

What is considered a normal level of mercury in the blood? How long does mercury stay in your body?
There is no safe level of mercury in the body. It is one of the most neurotoxic agents known to mankind, causing a wide range of health problems, especially affecting the brain and the heart. Mercury, locked in the body’s organs and tissues for years, can only be released with the help of a chelator. Using HMD™ combined with Chlorella (500 mg) – a dose of two caps, three times daily, over a period of three to six months will gradually mobilize and eliminate mercury from your body. HMD™ is an effective heavy metal detox product.

How can I tell what toxic metals I have in my body?


Who can use HMD™ and how can I be certain that it is safe?

Thousands of people worldwide –adults, elderly individuals, and children of all ages – have used HMD™ without problems. It has been used, as well, on dogs, cats, ponies, and horses. HMD™ is a heavy metal detox product extensively researched and tested in a one million dollar research project, with published peer reviews.

Can children use HMD™?

HMD™ can be used by children irrelevant of age; however, careful monitoring of the dosage is important. Please refer to the website for further details regarding the appropriate dosage. For autistic children, start with a low dosage of 2-3 drops x 3 per day, gradually increasing the dosage by one drop x 3 per day until the optimal dosage for the child’s age and weight is reached.

Can HMD™ be used on animals?

According to vets, large numbers of domestic animals die premature deaths due to liver and kidney failure. As reported recently a dog’s natural lifespan is approximately 30-years, however these days, few live beyond ten. Due to the cost, it is rare that the actual cause of death is investigated; even so, some believe that the main cause of liver and kidney failure in domestic animals is heavy metal toxicity. Not surprising considering that, according to recent press reports, many commercially, prepared pet foods, especially dried pet foods, largely contain heavy metals and undesirable waste products. Using the age and weight charts for children, there is absolutely no reason why HMD™ cannot be used to detoxify your pet. Some people, including professional horse trainers, are currently experimenting with using HMD™ on their animals.

Can HMD™ be taken as a preventative measure in the absence of any overt symptoms?

Due to the fact that every day we are exposed to heavy metals then, yes, taking HMD™ as a preventive measure is extremely recommendable or worth doing! Heavy metals are everywhere, in the air we breath, the food we consume, the water we drink, immunizations, amalgam dental fillings, cleaning products, cosmetics, deodorants, bedding, furniture, and etc. The list is endless.

Heavy metals are an underlying cause of many chronic diseases; therefore, eliminating them from our bodies through detoxification and the use of a heavy metal chelator is very important. An excellent reason to use HMD™ for heavy metal removal is that it is not only gentle but also cost effective! You could visit a medical doctor and request a “drug” chelator but this would involve incurring medical expenses and experiencing possible adverse side effects. Drug chelators are very aggressive and known to have side effects. A more prudent choice would be HMD™ for heavy metal removal. It is a gentle chelator, proven to eliminate metals without side effects, backed by extensive research and testing, 100% natural, and inexpensive. You can experience optimal health and invest in your future without paying exorbitant costs!

Using HMD™ daily as a preventative measure will help to protect you from chronic and degenerative diseases. It is a wise investment in your health and future. You are worth it!

Who should NOT take HMD™?

Those individuals who have recently undergone major surgery, pregnant women, and possibly epileptics should not undertake detoxification or body detox of heavy metals without first consulting their physician. These individuals should always seek the advice of their doctor, or a health professional, who has access to the patient’s medical history.

Should I take HMD™ if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?

The inventor of HMD™, Dr. Georgiou, advises AGAINST the use of any type of chelator no matter how gentle, during pregnancy and while nursing. A chelator mobilizes heavy metals and when removed by the body will pass through the placenta and possibly the breast milk. It is advisable to detoxify prior to pregnancy and after the period of breast-feeding is concluded.

Do I need to consult a doctor to confirm the presence of heavy metals prior to ordering your products online?

Should you have any concerns or doubts about using HMD™ then our advice is yes, consult your doctor first. Keep in mind that HMD™ is considered a dietary or food supplement and that the primary purpose of its use is heavy metal removal as a measure against preventing disease and protecting against the disease worsening. It is not meant to be a treatment or cure.


Can I use HMD™ if I have amalgam dental fillings? Should I take it prior to removing amalgam fillings from my mouth?

BEFORE removing amalgam fillings from your mouth it is of crucial importance that prior to doing so you begin taking HMD™. Amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is a toxic heavy metal. Removal of amalgams before detoxification can lead to serious consequences and diseases due to the body being flooded with mercury during amalgam removal.

A word to the wise, when removing the amalgam fillings and in order to offer yourself the greatest protection, it is important that you find a holistic dentist trained in amalgam removal protocols. What’s more, be certain to take HMD™ prior, during, and after the removal process in order to maximize the detoxification of your body and heavy metal removal.

If you are concerned about taking HMD™ if you have amalgam fillings, you should not be. HMD™ is gentle yet effective at heavy metal removal. As long as you follow the instructions, swallow immediately, and do not allow your fillings to be directly exposed to HMD™ then it is very unlikely that HMD™ could break the bond of a filling and extract the mercury from the amalgam alloy.

What are the indications that HMD™ is an effective body detox?

Indications of the effectiveness of HMD™ in removing heavy metals greatly depend upon the level of heavy metal toxicity in each individual, as well as their state of health prior to detoxification. For the most part in the first three months, the individual should experience increased stamina and energy, healthier skin, fewer headaches, and improved mental awareness and cognitive function.

HMD™ is an all natural, heavy metal detox, which promotes the body’s rejuvenation of DNA/RNA. You will actually feel and look healthier and younger. Many women after using the product and detoxification have found that it has helped to regulate their previously irregular menstrual cycle. In addition to heavy metal removal, HMD™ eliminates xenobiotics from the body. Xenobiotics are chemicals not naturally found in the human body, they are endocrine disruptors. The body’s endocrine or hormonal system will be allowed to find its own natural balance once the xenobiotics are removed.

Heavy Metal Detox is different from other chelators

What health improvements can I expect to experience by using HMD™?

We are all individuals and the effects are different for each person but there have been many testimonials describing the benefits of body detox using HMD™. Many people have experienced a reduction or complete disappearance of symptoms related to toxins and heavy metals. They report increased energy; an improvement in sleep patterns; and the elimination or reduction of stomach problems, muscle aches and joint pain. Women suffering from irregular menstrual periods and chronic hormonal imbalances have experienced regularity in their periods after taking HMD™. This is most likely due to the fact that in addition to heavy metal removal, HMDTM detoxifies the body and eliminates from it organic xenobiotics (endocrine mimicking molecules and endocrine disruptors). HMD™ allows the body’s endocrine or hormonal system to find its own natural balance.

What is the recommended dosage for of HMD™?

The recommended adult daily dosage is 50 drops, three times per day. However, it may be advisable to start with a lower dosage, especially if your primary detox organs are not working efficiently. The majority of individuals start with 25 drops x 3 per day, increasing their dose by one drop x 3 daily until reaching the optimal dosage. For maximum benefit, make sure to drink a minimum of two litres of purified water per day. This will aid in heavy metal removal and the detoxification of your body.

What type of a diet should I adhere to while taking HMD™?

Any diet that can take a load off your liver is best. Cranberry and carrot juices are both helpful in cleansing the liver. Bottom line, you can eat normal foods but try to include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Remember to drink plenty of purified water, which will help to with the heavy metal removal and detoxification of your body.

Does HMD™ cause any side effects?

It is possible to experience feelings of malaise when undergoing any type of body detoxification, for example, inability to concentrate; aches in joints and muscles; “brain fog”; dizziness; and headaches. These symptoms are normally short lived, usually lasting no more than twelve hours, and are due to the release and elimination of toxins and heavy metals from the tissues in our body. While taking HMD™ it is important to remember to drink a minimum of two litres of purified water per day, in order to flush out our bodies and aid in detoxification and heavy metal removal.

What does it cost to use HMD™?

Even though HMD™ is backed by over one million dollars of extensive research, the product itself is one of the most economical, natural heavy metal chelators on the market today! In comparison to other natural chelators, HMD™ is by far the least expensive. It costs around $60 per month*. Other chelators can cost anywhere from approximately $80 up to $269 for a one month’s supply.

It is our belief that people worldwide should have the opportunity to enjoy wellness and health. An all natural, heavy metal detox is a good place to start. Detoxification should be affordable for everyone and not cost a fortune!

*The one-month supply of HMD™ is calculated based on the daily-recommended adult dosage. A 4-ounce bottle of HMD™ will last one month for adults and approximately three months for children.

What does HMD™ taste like?

Taste varies for each individual. The contents of HMD™, a heavy metal detox, include vegetables and algae. Therefore, the taste is neither bitter nor sweet instead it is somewhat “veggie”. Many find it quite agreeable. Currently there is available for purchase in the USA market a sweet, vegetable glycerine version of this heavy metal detox, which contains no alcohol.

What's the storage or shelf life of HMD™?

Most herbal remedies have a shelf life of in excess of four to five years. HMD™ has the same predicted shelf life; the product currently has been tested for over three years and is still active and intact


How do I know that HMD™ actually works?

During a 3-year period many trials were conducted on 350 metal foundry workers, and based on test results, HMD™ is effective in heavy metal removal.. The 3-year, double-blind, placebo controlled study conclusively demonstrates the effectiveness of HMD™ in eliminating all metals, including: Aluminium, Arsenic, Antimony, Cadmium, Lead, Beryllium, Nickel, Mercury, Uranium and Thallium. Worldwide, it is the only 100% natural, toxic metal chelator, backed by this type of controlled study. Natural or otherwise, probably no other heavy metal chelator has been subjected to such rigorous testing and with so many people.

The following published articles on this research may be downloaded free of charge:

Does HMD™ effectively remove mercury?

Based on test trials, the answer is YES. An over 400% increase in mercury has been found in post-urine samples when compared to pre-urine samples. HMD™ has been proven effective in heavy metal removal.

Does HMD™ remove other good minerals and trace elements?

No, based on testing HMD™ does not remove good minerals and trace elements from the body. Rather it is believed that Cilantro and the Chlorella Growth Factor, ingredients found in HMD™, actually contribute good minerals to the body.

Does HMD™ have a Certificate of Analysis for microbes?

Yes, all the raw materials used in HMD™ have Certificate of Analysis. Microbial tests show high numbers of Lactobacillus colonies in HMD™, more than likely maintained by the rich nucleopeptide nutrients present in the ingredients. Lactobacillus is very beneficial bacterium helpful in inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria.